How do I swap out an RPlate?

If an RPlate is not working and all attempts to fix it have failed, this guide will provide you the information on how to efficiently replace a faulty device.

To start the replacement process, remove the RPlate from the vehicle and find the serial number on the back.  Once you have the serial number of the plate to be replaced, open the Dealership Dashboard then select Return RPlate. Use the search bar to find the serial number you found in the previous step and select it as the RPlate to be returned. Confirm that the vehicle information is correct then select next. Under the Return Option list, select RPlate Only and under Return Reason select Replacing RPlate with another. Select Next, then input the returner’s name and the last four digits of the serial number of the RPlate previously installed to verify. Following this input, the serial number of the new RPlate and the information will be transferred accordingly. At this point, you can install the new plate as normal.


For information on how to perform an installation click here.