How do I Pre-Install RPlates

Quickly install your battery-operated plates

Preinstalling is done as part of the PDI process at dealerships. Regardless of whom it is done by, the installation process is simple.

For a video, demonstration click here.

Every box has an installation guide and all of the hardware required for a proper installation on almost any vehicle.

RPlates are 1 per vehicle on the rear only. Use the normal process for the front plate

Installation steps:

  1. Remove vinyl/metal license Plate
  2. Prepare for installation
    1. Clean surface with the provided alcohol wipe.
    2. To choose the correct new screws, compare the old and new screw diameters/threading. (Original screws may be used if not much larger than new, kit-provided, screws)
    3. Mount the RPlate bracket with the correct screws. Make sure holes are aligned to prevent blocking the camera.
    4. Test RPlate Fit
  3. Install RPlate bracket
    1. Use provided A bag
  4. Install RPlate 
    1. Use provided B bag

After the vehicle is sold with the plate:

  1. press the front button down for 4 seconds
  2. remove the sticky tabs on the bottom left and right then press and hold against your vehicle for 15 seconds
  3. remove the screen cover using the orange tab in the bottom left

For the quickest installation process, a power drill with a Torx T20 bit is recommended. 

Torque settings over 10.4 in-lbs for bracket to car is not recommended.

Torque settings over 9.3 in-lbs for front plate to bracket is not recommended

At this point the physical installation is complete and the plate is ready to be digitally preinstalled or sold on the RConnect Portal.

Need further support? Please click Help > Contact Support on the bottom right of your Dealer RConnect Portal.