When I sell my vehicle, does my RPlate transfer to the new owner?

When you sell your vehicle, you have several options:

1) Remove the RPlate and place it on your new vehicle. To sell your vehicle without the RPlate, ensure that you reattach the standard metal plate before selling it. When you are ready to reinstall the RPlate onto your new vehicle, let us know and we’ll re-assign the RPlate for your new vehicle. This process is simple and will only take a few minutes.

For RPlate Wired owners, please notify us at least 5 days prior to releasing the vehicle to avoid delaying your sale/transfer by ensuring that a removal visit is scheduled in time (removal and/or new installation fees may apply).

2) Leave the RPlate on the vehicle that you are selling for use by its new owner. If you decide to leave the RPlate on the sold vehicle, you will need to contact Reviver to let us know as we need to remove it from your account. After the sale, we will work with the new owner to complete the transfer of ownership.

If there is a past due balance on your account, you will need to contact our billing department at billing@reviver.com before selling your vehicle.