What RPlate personalizations are available in Arizona?

Plate customizations/personalizations for Arizona

License plate personalization (including the ability to request your own message) is regulated by the motor vehicle department in the state where you reside and have registered your automobile. We hope that every state will provide banner message and plate customization approval soon (if they haven't already done so), and continue to work with every state to help make it happen.

Banner messages are limited by the license plate. In Arizona, banner messages are currently only available on the Standard plate type. Reviver is currently working with AZDOT, law enforcement, and the organizations that issue special interest license plate types to secure approvals of more plate types. We are hoping to have them all available by end of Q1 2023. 

User-requested banner messages are not currently supported on any Arizona plate at this time. We are actively working with AZDOT to attain approval of this ability--and in the meantime, the Reviver app will allow you to submit messages and we will get them approved for you as soon as we can.

At this time, there are several pre-approved messages available to Arizona drivers. To see what banner messages you can choose from, simply tap on the license plate image in your Reviver app. From there, you can easily view a list of categories and approved banner messages within them.