What if I am stopped by police, and receive a ticket?

Most importantly - don't worry. We've got your back!

Because the Reviver digital plate program might be new in your state, a law enforcement officer might not yet be aware that RPlates have been approved for use. This doesn't happen often, as law enforcement in every approved state has been trained on the RPlate, and should be aware of the legal authorization of use. That said, you should continue to keep your metal plate with you, stored in the trunk of your car.

If you are stopped by police and are questioned about the RPlate's legality, do the following:

  • For California –
    • An official compliance letter can be found in the Reviver app under “Documents”. It advises that your vehicle is participating in the DMV’s program to “Alternatives to Traditional Registration Products, pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 4853(b).”

    • However, if a ticket is still issued, please reach out immediately to us at support@reviver.com and provide a photo of the ticket. We will work to get it cleared, and/or pay the ticket on your behalf.
  • For Arizona –