Custom Plate Images and Characters

Can RPlates display special characters or images?

With a few exceptions, your RPlate can support most vanity plates that are approved by your department of motor vehicles. A few allowed characters include ❀️⭐ and πŸ–οΈ. If you have a question about a particular character, please reach out and ask us.

In the meantime, here are the approved custom plate images by state:



CA Standard_White CA Standard Inv  
Detached Expired Temporary
CADetachedW CAExpiredW CANewTLP
1960's Legacy Breast Cancer Awareness
CALegacyWhite CALegacyBlack Image not available
 Disabled Persons Exempt
CADisabledPW CADisabledPBlack Ca Ex White
Disabled Veterans  
CADisabledVWhite CADisabledVBlack  



πŸŒ—= Plate style approved to display both light & dark backgrounds
(Note: Banner messages are not presently allowed in Arizona)

Standard πŸŒ— Detached Stolen
AZ Standard-3

AZ Detached-1

Not Available
Disability Extended Temperature Temporary
AZ Disability Plate Ar Extended Temperature  
Sports - Cardinals Sports - Coyotes πŸŒ— Sports - Diamondbacks
AZ Sports - Cardinals AZ Sports - Coyotes AZ Sports - Diamondbacks
Highways Arizona State University Extraordinary EducationπŸŒ—
AZ Highways AZ Collegiate - Arizona State University  
Girl Scouts πŸŒ— Luke Air Force Base Midwestern University πŸŒ—
AZ Girl Scouts AZ Luke Air Force Base AZ Collegiate - Midwestern University
Freedom Sports - Suns πŸŒ— Route 66 πŸŒ—
AZ Freedom AZ Sports - Suns AZ Route 66
Special Olympics πŸŒ— Organ Donor US Marine Corps πŸŒ—
AZ Special Olympics AZ Transplantation Awareness (Organ Donor) AZ US Marine Corps
Veterans Women Veterans Science Center
AZ US Veterans AZ Women Veterans AZ Science Center
Agriculture Dealer Alternative Fuel
AZ Agriculture AZ Dealer AZ Alternative Fuel - AF
Classic Car πŸŒ— Horseless Carriage πŸŒ— Farm Vehicle πŸŒ—
AZ Classic Car AZ Horseless Carriage AZ Farm
Disability πŸŒ— Historic Vehicle πŸŒ— Honorary Consul πŸŒ—
AZ Invalid AZ Historical Vehicle AZ Honorary Consul
Street Rod πŸŒ— Transporter πŸŒ— First Responder
AZ Street Rod AZ Transporter AZ First Responder
Alternative Fuel - EE Alternative Fuel - Hybrid Apportioned πŸŒ—
AZ Alternative Fuel - EE AZ Alternative Fuel - Hybrid AZ Apportioned
Cancer Awareness πŸŒ— Keep AZ Beautiful  
AZ Cancer Awareness AZ Keep AZ Beautiful  
Standard Mackinac Spectacular