Dealership Troubleshooting

Complication happening that we don't have online resources for?

Need further support? Please click Help > Contact Support on the bottom right of your Dealer RConnect Portal.

Plate not downloading the image?

If you see the RPlate try to download a temporary or permanent image but after the "data downloading" or  "provisioning" code on the plate disappears, double-check the entire serial number of the plate on the vehicle with the one that was sold in the system. If you see an error code, a factory reset may help.

Factory Reset

To perform a factory reset you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Remove the RPlate from the vehicle and locate the small round button on the back of the plate, directly opposite of the rectangular button on the front.
  2. Press both simultaneously for 10 seconds.
  3. After the 10 seconds is up, you will see "factory reset in progress" display, followed by a data screen, and concluding with the Reviver logo.

After the factory reset is complete, the plate will require another short press to download the dealership logo.

If the plate is sold, after the short press you will be able to pair it to the customer's phone and download the license plate image over Bluetooth. 

  1. Get the customer logged into the Reviver app. 
  2. When “Pair mobile device” appears on the plate, select Start Pairing on the customer’s phone.

Challenges Installing?

  • If the provided screws we have are not long enough or do not fit your vehicle, the original screws that came out may be suitable as long as the head is not too tall.
  • If the bracket is not able to sit flush against the vehicle because of nylon spacers or the vehicle itself, we have spacers for the brackets that can be available upon request. Please click Help > Contact Support on the bottom right of your Dealer RConnect Portal.
  • Need to purchase extra brackets or parts? Please click Help > Contact Support on the bottom right of your Dealer RConnect Portal.

Challenges Selling?

  • Our VIN check is sometimes quicker than the integrated system and so after typing the VIN you may see an error code saying VIN is not found, please wait a moment, click back to the VIN, and tab to the next box.
  • RPlate not showing up in your system? Make sure that it is not preinstalled.

Challenges Pairing?

  • If issues come up while trying to pair to Bluetooth, it is usually a timing problem and can be solved with a couple more attempts.
  • Can't see the connect or pair button? Make sure that you are on the downloaded app and not the browser website.

Customer Email Link Invalid?

If the customer's original email link is invalid:

  1. Navigate to View RPlate List
  2. Filter sold on Top
  3. Search customer name/ VIN/ stock number
  4. Click on the 3 little dots on the right-hand side and confirm the email and resend

If there is no resend option, the customer already confirmed their account under provided email and may just need to click forgot password to log in.

Plate won't show up on the app?

This occurs when a customer is using a different email than the one entered in the system. Please have them use the right email to sign in.

It can also happen if the customer downloads the app and creates an account with their email prior to the dealership transferring the ownership to them. Please contact support with relevant information so we can fix