RToll Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does RToll work?

Reviver handles the enrollment process with all the toll authorities in our network on your behalf. When you drive on a covered toll road, we ensure the toll payment is completed and then charge your Reviver account so tolls never land on your to-do list. No transponders required.

Do I need an RPlate to sign up?

No. Simply add your vehicle, whether or not you have an RPlate, and sign up for RToll.

I currently have a temporary license plate. Can I enroll my vehicle in RToll?

Absolutely. You can sign up now; and when your plate is ready to update to permanent, we will update your information on your RToll account, as well.

What is Reviver Balance? Is it the same as my RPlate subscription balance?

Reviver Balance is the account your RToll transactions will be drawn from. You can add funds to your Reviver Balance yourself--or you can use Auto Reload to manage your Reviver Balance funds automatically. There is no charge to use Reviver Balance and the funds within your Reviver Balance are for you to use inside the Reviver app (RToll is currently the only feature you can pay for with your Reviver Balance, but we will be adding other features later down the road). Your Reviver Balance is not the same as your hardware subscription balance; you cannot use your Reviver Balance toward either your monthly service plan or your hardware subscription (if you have one).

Can I use multiple credit cards for different vehicles I have enrolled?

RToll will attempt to draw funds from your Reviver Balance. If you have Auto Reload turned on, Reviver will use your default payment method each time your balance needs funds. However, if you opt to add funds to your Reviver Balance manually, you can choose from any credit card you have on file.

How do I update my credit card information?

Once you are logged in, navigate to the Accounts page by selecting your profile image at the bottom of the screen. From there, tap on “Payment Methods”. Whichever card is set as your default will be the card on file for all of your RToll charges.

Where can I see my toll charges?

Once you’re enrolled, you can see your toll transactions by tapping “RToll” on the homepage of the Reviver app. You’ll be able to see the vehicle information, the tolling location, the date, and the toll fee.

How long does it take to see my toll in Reviver after incurring a toll?

This depends on the toll authority and can range from three to 30 days (sometimes even longer). Please note that in the event of a natural disaster and/or toll authority changes, tolls can take longer to come in.

I need to dispute a charge on my toll account.

Whether the toll authority didn’t read your plate correctly or there was a glitch in the system, our toll partners have a team dedicated to research such events and track down more information—from reviewing video footage to contacting the toll authorities on your behalf. If you receive a suspicious toll charge on your RToll account, click the three dots to the right of the toll transaction on the RToll page within the Reviver app. From there, select the “Dispute Toll” option. You will be required to fill out additional information regarding your claim to help our team resolve your issue. Please be sure to include evidence for your dispute that clearly demonstrates that your vehicle was at a different location at the time of the recorded toll.

What is Auto Reload?

When you sign up for RToll, all your toll charges will be deducted from your Reviver Balance. If your Reviver Balance drops below $25, each of your tolls will incur an additional $0.85 transaction fee. You can avoid the transaction fee by ensuring that your Reviver Balance stays above $25. By signing up for Auto Reload, we will debit your default payment method to credit your Reviver Balance.

Is Auto Reload required for RToll enrollment?

Auto Reload offers convenience, is not required, and does not cost extra to use.

How do I enable or disable Auto Reload?

Navigate to the Accounts page by selecting your profile image at the bottom of the Reviver app homepage. From there, tap on Reviver Balance. Once on the Reviver Balance screen, you can either switch on or off Auto Reload.

Are there tolls where RToll doesn’t work?

A very small percentage of toll roads still use entry gates with swing arms. RToll is not compatible with these toll roads. As toll locations modernize, we will work to add those to the RToll network.

How long will it take for my vehicle to be activated across all toll authorities?

Once you have enrolled your vehicle with RToll, it can take up to four business days to receive confirmation from all toll authorities that your plate has been enrolled. Once you have been enrolled with all toll authorities, you will receive an email from Reviver. Please note, on rare but extreme events (e.g., hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, toll authority outages), the toll authority may take longer than usual to respond. Please be patient during these times, as agencies are working as quickly as possible to return to normal operating procedure.

Why does it take up to four business days to get activated?

Due to the very large number of toll authorities in the United States, it takes some time to ensure you are successfully enrolled in all of them. 

Do I need to have my phone and app on when I go through tolls?

Nope. As long as you received the confirmation email from Reviver that you are successfully enrolled, you’re ready to go. You will not need to interact with your phone while you are driving.

How do I unenroll a vehicle?

To deactivate RToll on the Reviver app, log in and navigate to the RToll section. From there, select the three dots in the top right corner and choose "Deactivate RToll." Note that it may take up to one business day to fully unenroll; during this time, new tolls may still be applied to your RToll balance.

To reactivate, simply select "RToll" and then "Enroll.”

What happens when you unenroll a vehicle from RToll?

When you select “Deactivate RToll” from the RToll screen, we will notify all toll authorities that coverage is ceasing from your account. You will be notified via email when your vehicle has been unenrolled from all toll authorities. Any tolls incurred from before the enrollment date will still be charge to your Reviver Balance. Please note, although uncommon, some tolls may not be received by Reviver for weeks or months.

What happens to my Reviver Balance if I unenroll?

Any funds in your Reviver Balance can be applied to other Reviver services such as registration renewal. If you desire a refund back to your credit card, please contact Reviver Customer Service.