How do I pair RPlates?

Plate sold? Let's pair to Bluetooth!

To pair to BlueTooth, the RPlate must be properly installed and the customer must have created an account with the email link and be signed into the downloaded app.

How to Pair initially:

  1. Click the button on the front of the plate
  2. Wait 10-15 seconds for the Bluetooth Icon to appear on the bottom left of RPlate
  3. When you see the Bluetooth icon, click Ready to Install  > Done > Start Pairing
  4. Select pair to the device when prompted and keep app open and next to the RPlate for 30-90 seconds until "data downloading" disappears from RPlate

There is a small window to pair, so if the timing is not right you will get an Unsuccessful Paring notification. Try again.

For initially pairing an RPlate to a device, 10 seconds after the license plate image is downloaded to the RPlate, the Bluetooth icon will automatically appear.

Please ensure the device has Bluetooth enabled for the Reviver app in device settings.

Need further support? Please click Help > Contact Support on the bottom right of your Dealer RConnect Portal.