How do I report a vehicle as stolen?

In the unfortunate event of a stolen fleet vehicle, the RFleet Dashboard has tools to help aid in vehicle recovery. When an RFleet vehicle is reported as stolen, the license plate will change to display “Stolen” prominently. Fleet Managers and Drivers cannot change the status to stolen directly. Rather, submissions by Fleet Managers and Drivers are sent to the Fleet Admin, requiring approval of the request before the display is changed. However, if the report is completed by a Fleet Admin the display change will be accepted. This is done to reduce the chances of the change being completed by an unauthorized individual due to the severity of the crime.

To report a vehicle as stolen, begin by navigating from the Monitor screen to open the vehicle list. Scroll through or use the search feature to find the vehicle you wish to report. Select that vehicle then select “Report as Stolen”. You will then need to enter a verification code sent to your mobile device to confirm your identity before being allowed to continue. After the security code has been entered, you will be prompted to input further information about the theft. This information includes:

  • Police Report Number
  • Law Enforcement Agency
  • Officer’s Name
  • Officer’s Badge Number

Once this information is entered, select Report as Stolen in the bottom right. Following the submission, the RPlate display will refresh to show “STOLEN”.

If you wish to revert a vehicle’s status from stolen to recovered, within the Monitor screen, open the Vehicles list, and select the vehicle displayed as stolen. If this is completed by a Fleet Manager or Driver a code will be sent to the Fleet Admin’s number on file. If completed by a Fleet Admin the screen will be reverted.