How do I personalize my RPlate?

Many states allow RPlate personalization. Lean how to customize your RPlate quickly and easily.

What is RPlate personalization?

The look of your RPlate can be customized to fit your personal preference. RPlate has the ability to inverse the display. This means the background color and the text color can be swapped, allowing you to choose a dark background or a light background. This feature is available in all states.

Additionally, in states where approved, text can be added to the bottom of the RPlate (up to 26 characters). Similarly, images can be added to the RPlate. These are referred to as "banner" text and images.

How do I personalize my RPlate?

You can personalize your RPlate from either the mobile app (for Android and iOS) and from From the iOS app, simply tap on the RPlate graphic to get to see personalization options. On Android, select the menu item called "Customize RPlate." On the desktop site, select "Customize Plate."

Can I request my own banner messages?

At the present time, California RPlate users can request personalized banner messages. From the Customize RPlate menu, select the "Mine" followed by "Add Your Own Message."

Note: new personalized banner messages had been unavailable in California until recently. Now that they are available, we will be working to approve them as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience! 

Can I customize my existing vanity plate or my state-issued license background?

Reviver does support vanity plates and state-issued backgrounds. However, modifications to these aspects of personalization must go through your state's motor vehicle department/DMV. If you update your license plate number or your background with your state agency, just let us know and we will update your RPlate to match your new license.