How do I get my digital plate installed?

You currently have two plate models to choose from, the battery-powered RPlate and the professionally-installed RPlate Wired, which is wired into and powered by your car's electrical system. For both models, it is important to follow installation instructions in the specific order below, to correctly set up your new digital plate. 

RPlate Battery (battery-powered):

The RPlate is designed to be owner-installed, by following the instructions below. More detailed directions can also be found here:

  • Step 1 (Download the Reviver App): From either the Apple Store or Google Play store;
  • Step 2 (Create & Activate): Create your in-app account, and snap some photos to register your current license plate number and registration in order to activate your RPlate, when prompted through the app;
  • Step 3a (Post-Activation Setup): Once our team has confirmed (within 1-3 business days) your vehicle and plate info (based on the photos you sent us in step 2), you will receive a notification by email and through your Reviver app to begin the update process for your digital plate to display your license number. 

    *If your plate currently has a "Detached" message on it: Make sure that it is in contact with the included metal bracket, that you will attach to the rear of your car shortly. The RPlate has a sensor that lets it know when it isn't touching that bracket, so once you put bracket and plate together, the "Detached" code should go away, allowing you to update your plate through your app.
  • Step 3b (Install the plate on your car!): Once your RPlate is displaying your license plate image, attach your new digital to your car, using the universal mounting bracket included in the box with your plate. Click here for the complete RPlate DIY installation guide.
  • Here's a short video that takes you through the process.

RPlate Wired (wired into your car's electrical system):

The RPlate Wired requires professional installation to be correctly connected to your car's electrical system. The installation is complex, as it requires wiring your RPlate Wired to a constantly-available 12V of power. If installed incorrectly, it can cause the RPlate Wired to malfunction and/or drain the vehicle’s battery.

Before installation can be scheduled, please follow steps 1 & 2 above. Once your plate has been claimed and activated, reach out to our Customer Support Team to request your install to be scheduled. We will reply within three (3) business days to connect you with an installer in your area. You can then schedule your installation with the installer for a convenient time.

If these steps fail, please contact support.