How do I create/edit a geofence?

Process for creating and editing geofences

Geofences are customizable map boundaries that can be applied to one or multiple vehicles within your fleet. When a vehicle enters or exits an assigned geofence, RFleet will send a notification to the Fleet Admin and Fleet Manager.

To create a geofence, navigate to the “Geofence” tab within the Manage section of RFleet and select “Add Geofence.” Use the circle icon to create a simple circle geofence or the pencil to create a more complex polygon geofence. The undo button allows you to revert changes. Once your geofence is drawn, name the fence to make it easier to identify and select the vehicles you want to be assigned to this geofence.

To edit an existing geofence, go to the geofence list and select the three dots on the right side of the geofence you want to edit. From the drop-down menu select “edit” to edit your geofence.