How do I add a new vehicle and manage existing vehicles and RPlates?

Use the new Garage feature on the Reviver Mobile app to add vehicles, add RPlates, and switch between vehicles.

The new garage feature on the Reviver app makes it easier to manage several vehicles under the same user account.

How to access your list of vehicles

All of your vehicles and RPlates are available in your Garage. You can access the Garage by tapping the garage icon on the main navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.

How to switch between vehicles

Once in the Garage, you can switch to a different vehicle by tapping that vehicle. The vehicle you choose here will become your default vehicle. The next time you login to the Reviver app, this vehicle will be the selected vehicle. If you want to change your default vehicle, simply switch again in the Garage.

How to add a new vehicle

From the Garage, tap the plus ( + ) icon in the lower right portion of the screen. The Reviver app will ask you a series of questions about your vehicle and registration to help get your new vehicle added. You can use this option, even if you don't have an RPlate yet. You can add a vehicle anytime--and come back later to add an RPlate.

Where do I find an RPlate that I've purchased but not yet added to a vehicle?

The Garage is where you can see a list of all of your vehicles and all of your RPlates. Select an unassigned RPlate and the app will walk you through setting it up on a vehicle.