How can I use RFleet to create a Manufacturer Plate?

Fleet Admin and Fleet Managers can easily create a set of manufacturer plates for their fleet and assign them to any vehicle within the fleet.

Create a manufacturer plate:

1) Login to RFleet.

2) Select the menu from the upper right corner of the screen (where your user name is shown).

3) Select Manufacturer Plate Manager. From here, you can see a list of existing manufacturer plates. If a manufacturer plate is currently assigned to a vehicle, you will also see the vehicle's VIN it is associated with.

If you want to create a new manufacturer plate, select the "Add Plate" button and enter the plate details. When done, select Submit.

Add a manufacturer plate to a vehicle:

Once you have created the manufacturer plate you wish to assign to a vehicle, you can then add the vehicle by selecting "Add Vehicle" from Manage>Vehicles.

When you arrive at the section titled "Type of Plate," you can select the Manufacturer plate option. Once you do, you will be provided a list of all of the available manufacturer plates that have been created within your company.

Changing plate type:

Once you have assigned a manufacturer plate, you can update it to either another manufacturer plate or to a permanent plate by selecting "Update Plate Type."