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Enhance Your Driving Experience with Reviver's RPlate and Its Powerful Companion App

Reviver's RPlate is revolutionizing the world of vehicle registration, personalization, and management through its state-of-the-art digital license plate technology. The RPlate's dedicated app, offers an array of features and benefits that traditional license plates simply cannot match. Explore the endless possibilities and convenience of RPlate and its companion app.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "digital license plate? what is the point?" But hear me out. For the last 120 years, cars have been rolling off the dealership lot with a paper plate or a metal plate attached to the back of the vehicle. The metal license plate is older than the wheel itself. It's time for an upgrade! 

Our digital license plates not only reduce the pain points of having to renew your registration, the traditional way by putting a sticker on a metal plate, but you can also customize the plate, change the background color, the banner message on the bottom to express yourself all through the App. Additionally, you can get notified if your plate or vehicle is stolen and even push out a stolen message to the plate. 

But that's not all, headed for a road trip with your new vehicle? No problem, with Rtoll, toll payments across all 50 states are hassle-free, as there is no need to worry about a modem. Just use the app to make your payments. This product is unique because there is no competition. We are the only ones who make digital license plates. They make your customer's vehicle look way cooler, and they can interact with a plate immediately seeing its value. 

The best way to show off this plate is to have these pre-installed on all of your new vehicles. On pre-installed vehicles, you can push out dealer plates to take vehicles on test drives, change the message on the plate, and even congratulate your customers on their new vehicle. Once the plate is sold, their temporary license plate will display, and they will use their app to update when their permanent plates come in the mail. 

These plates are rugged tough and transferable. Leased vehicle or buying a new car? No problem, just transfer to your new vehicle via the app. The installation is easy and the battery lasts multiple years! 

These plates should be an easy sell. Don't forget to ask your customer what kind of plate they want, paper, metal, or digital? Let's embrace the future of car management with Revivers digital license plates. 


Reviver RPlate Key Features and Selling Points 

The Reviver R-Plate is a digital license plate that offers several unique features and benefits for car owners. These include: 

  1. Instant DMV registration renewal: The plate updates instantly when registration is renewed, eliminating the need to wait for DMV stickers to arrive in the mail. It also eliminates worries about stolen registration stickers. 
  2. Customization of the plate: The plate can be personalized with custom banner messages like social media/ business websites and comes with both dark mode and light mode options. Car owners can change the plate's appearance anytime they want, as often as they want. 
  3. Integrated tolling: The plate will work for integrated tolling in all 50 states, eliminating the need for a transponder, just pay through the Reviver wallet! 
  4. Safety Features: Get notified as soon as the plate is detached.



  1. Q: How long does the battery last?  
    1. The average battery life is 5 years, and the batteries are replaceable and can be ordered from Reviver. 
  2. Q: What if someone steals the plate?  
    1. The plate is attached with tamper-proof screws, making theft unlikely. However, if it does get stolen, the sensors on the back of the plate will detect that it has been removed from the car, and the plate will go into "Detached" mode. Only the owner can reset the plate via the app. 
  3. Q: Are these plates legal?  
    1. Yes! Reviver has been participating in a California pilot program for years and is now officially signed into law as a permanent program in California. They are also legal in Arizona, Michigan and Texas for commercial use, and will soon be legal in several other states. 
  4. Q: How much does the Reviver subscription cost?  
    1. It is included free for the first year when purchased through a dealership, and after that, it is only $8/month or $75.00/year for the Rplate Battery and $10/month or $95.00/year for the Rplate Wired.
  5. Q: What happens if I sell the car?  
    1. The digital plate is removed from the car, and the metal plates are put back on. The digital plate can be transferred to the new car though the app.
  6. Q: Are there other digital plate options?  
    1. No, Reviver is the world's first and only digital license plate. 
  7. Q: Can I purchase the plate directly from Reviver?  
    1. No, the only way to get a plate directly from Reviver is to sign up for a four-year lease-to-own program. Plates can only be purchased through dealerships. 
  8. Q: How long is the warranty?  
    1. The manufacturer's warranty is two years.
  9. Q: What happens if the plate is damaged in an accident?  
    1. The plate would be included in the insurance claim as an attached accessory.
  10. Q: Can the customer customize the temporary tag displayed on the plate when they leave the dealership?  
    1. No, the temporary tag cannot be customized. The permanent plate will be displayed on the digital plate once it is assigned by the DMV. 
  11. Q: How does the customer change the temporary plate to display their DMV-assigned permanent plate? 
    1. After receiving their registration from the DMV, the customer will be required to open the app and submit a photo of their registration card and metal plate. The provisioning of these images will take around 24 to 48 hours. Once completed, the app will automatically update and display the DMV-assigned plate image the next time the customer walks past their vehicle, provided they have already connected to Bluetooth. If not, they will just need to pair with Bluetooth to push out the new image after provisioning is complete.
  12. Q: How long does it take for the Rplate display to change?
    1. When a new image is ready for your Rplate, the display will update automatically when it connects to the Reviver system, this happens when you open the Reviver app within range of your Bluetooth paired Rplate.

Dealership support is available to you every day of the week and can be accessed through the RConnect portal, located at the top right-hand corner. Please be aware that this number is for internal use by dealerships only and is not intended for customers. Keeping it this way ensures that we can provide you with the best possible assistance.