Dealership Dashboard Overview

Upon logging in you will be presented with your dealership dashboard. From this screen, you will have access to key metrics for your dealership and five main tools at your disposal. The metrics include the totals of installation statutes, sales, and inventory for at-a-glance information. The five tools at your disposal are as follows:

  • Install RPlate
  • Uninstall RPlate
  • Return RPlate
  • View RPlate list
  • Sell RPlate

The Install RPlate button is used for pre-loading vehicles with an RPlate. This action can be completed before or after an installation has occurred. After selecting the Install RPlate button, identify the corresponding RPlates serial number with the search bar and select it. To assign this RPlate to a vehicle, input the VIN then input the stock number before selecting “Next”. Select the image to be displayed on the RPlate then select “Install”.

The Uninstall RPlate button is used for removing pre-loaded plates. Uninstalled plates are added back into the unassigned inventory. After selecting the Uninstall RPlate button select the RPlate you want to be uninstalled. Next, select the reason for uninstalling and then finally select “Uninstall” to confirm.

In the event of an RPlate return, select the Return RPlate button. After the selection, identify the RPlate being returned and select it from the list. Next, confirm the customer’s information, then on the final page specify the Return Option and the Return Reason from the lists provided then select Submit to finalize the return.

The View RPlate List button will display the list and status of all RPlates in your dashboard including the total number of pre-installed, in-stock, and your total inventory of RPlates.

The Sell RPlate button is used in all transactions involving RPlates regardless of the kind of sale. When selecting the Sell RPlate button choose the Sale Type from the list that applies, those options being: Pre-Installed, Add-On, and Retail. After you have selected the appropriate Sale Type, identify the RPlate’s serial number and select it from the list. Finally input the customer, location, and price information before selecting the Sell button.